An introduction.

Hello and welcome to the Fishmarket blog.

My name is Josh Thomson and I’m the current curator at the Fishmarket gallery in Northampton city centre.

This blog has been set up to keep you informed about the exhibitions and events here at the Fishmarket, to introduce you to our projects, the artists that we’re working with and things that we hope you’ll find interesting.

I’m pleased to announce that our current show “Feast of Fools” opened last week on Friday 13th November and although the weather was terrible the attendance was high and people seemed to be enjoying themselves!

Two pieces in the show have been specially commissioned for the exhibition, the 25 feet tall “Banjo-Playing-Tree-Frog” by Christopher Davies and the spectacular Meteorbby Maxwell Attenborough. This is particularly exciting for us as it’s always great to have artists making work specifically for our unusual (and colossal) gallery space.

The three artists involved in “Feast of Fools” are; Maxwell Attenborough, Stella Capes and Christopher Davies. You can expect  more details about these artists and the exhibition to follow over the coming weeks!

A brief word about the show:-

Feast of Fools

Friday 13th November – Friday 24th December 2009

“This, our first show after a brief hiatus, is both a festive celebration and a celebration of the beginning of our new artistic programme.

The title of the show comes from the medieval Feast of Fools festival. Traditionally celebrated by the clergy, the Feast of Fools involved a brief period of social revolution when those in positions of power exchange roles with their subordinates.

This suspension of the normal rules and regulations of normal life is a precursor to the modern carnival.

For this exhibition, three artists have been invited to respond to these ideas and this is certain to result in a show that will be surprising, funny and thought-provoking.”

As I mentioned earlier Max Attenborough and Chris Davies spent a number of days working on their commissions in the gallery – photos will follow! In fact this blog will be the place for all photos of behind the scenes and install pictures – obviously nothing saucy…


First, those of you that made it to the first show that I curated here at the Fishmarket will recognise the title photo of this blog. It’s an image of Bill Drummond’s Northampton 17 taken shortly after we had completed his score “Surround Northampton Fishmarket” as part of the “60 miles by Road or Rail” exhibition.

More details about Bill’s projects can be found here. He is gearing up for No Music Day 2009 in Linz, which is the end of his current 5-year plan.

You can hear Bill Drummond discussing No Music Day here with Cerys Matthews on her BBC 6 music show from Monday 16th November, remember audio is only available for one week!

Second, Sculptor Tom Price who also showed as part of “60 Miles by Road or Rail” is appearing on BBC4 at 9pm this evening as part of the documentary “Where is Modern Art Now?”. His work is excellent and he’s a very nice chap, two good reasons for watching. I’ll post the iPlayer link later in the week. More details can be found here.

Finally, I appeared on Mark Dean’s excellent Atlantic Soul show on BBC Northamptonshire last Friday 13th November. The audio is available for 1 week so be quick! It can be found here.


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