The Great Darkness

I’ve not said enough about Stella Capes.

We are very pleased to be showing Stella’s 2005 piece “The Great Darkness” in our new cinema space. Visitors over the summer will remember the space as a children’s theatre.

I’ve always admired the mixture of humour and pathos in Stella’s work and was very keen to get her involved in this exhibition. The star of “The Great Darkness” is a professional clown who battles through his routine without the comfort of makeup or props. It strikes me as being almost “anti-carnival”, I like the idea that for the Fishmarket’s version of the feast of fools even the clown’s role is reversed as he becomes a frustrated everyman.

In Stella’s own words:-

“Taking its title from a line in John Osbournes’ The Entertainer, ‘The Great Darkness’, refers to the audience from the viewpoint of a stage performer. Shot as a single, continuous take, the static camera scrutinises the gruelling performance of a professional clown, struggling to improvise without the use of his oversized props and ludicrous costume.”

Stella Capes' "The Great Darkness" shown at the Fishmarket.

The Great Darkness (2005), Still from 30min video and installation.


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