Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at the Fishmarket!

Sadly we’re closed for the next couple of months. However we’re VERY excited about opening in March for our 2010 programme, not just because it will be much warmer but also because we have all manner of exciting things lined up! More about future plans in future posts…

2009 was a roller-coaster year for us. We started the year with only a few months funding left and our future uncertain. After a frantic summer of bid writing, programming and worrying we can now be confident about our future until the end of 2011.

We’ve been host to all manner of fantastic events and exhibitions over the past twelve months – 60 Miles by Road or Rail, Bill Drummond’s “Surround Northampton Fishmarket” event, Make it, our University of Northampton summer show, Green Screen, What’s in the Box?, Les Girls, Feast of Fools, Don Letts’ Carnival – and of course The Bicycle Basket Bazaars. I could go on.

2009 was also the year that Tamsyn Payne launched the Nook Cafe in the Fishmarket. Apart from serving excellent food and drink, Tamsyn has organised and hosted a huge range of fantastic events ranging from intimate comedy nights to bacchanalian balls!

Hopefully 2010 will be even more exciting.

A personal highlight from last year came after Bill Drummond’s “Surround Northampton Fishmarket”. More here and here
. This photo captures that moment beautifully.
Bill asked for a group photograph to be taken on completion of his score and the result is below. The event happened at a pivotal point for the Fishmarket. We were in desperate need of public support and support we got!

The17 Outside the Fishmarket (Click to enlarge)


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