John Dankworth

I was saddened to hear that jazz musician and composer John Dankworth died over the weekend.

I first heard John Dankworth’s music as a teenager whilst working in a second-hand record shop. The music in question appeared on a sampler of 60’s TV Themes, the particular piece being the classic theme to the British technology show “Tomorrow’s World”. I though it was phenomenal.

My ears were beginning to open to jazz at the time so I snooped around for more Dankworth compositions. The fantastic scores to “Saturday Night and Sunday morning” and “The Servant” are both well worth looking out for.

There is much more to John Dankworth than his film and television work, find out more about his life and music here.

Obituaries can be found here and here. He will be sorely missed.

This fantastic footage features a young John Dankworth and his wife and life long collaborator Cleo Laine speaking out against the “cranky organisation” that is the White Defence League.

And finally, music –


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