All change

I’m back from my holiday and it’s all go!

We will soon be unveiling a new artistic programme and a new website.

We’re all beavering away behind the scenes to make sure the disruption to normal service is as minimal as possible. A few more Fishmarket related blogs will be appearing soon – the first of which is here. This blog will be covering events that fall outside the Arts Council funded programme that I’m responsible for.

You can also find more information about what’s going on at the Fishmarket at our Facebook page here.

We have a very exciting year ahead. Our first A.C.E. show of the year will be Stephen Mathewson’s “My Heart Spins on the Grill”. This is shaping up to be quite a spectacular show. More about him in future posts.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Mark Farhall will be exhibiting in gallery 2. His specially commissioned book of “Abstructavist Drawings” is coming along nicely.

Our summer spectacular will be Jamie Shovlin and his show “Hiker Meat” those familiar with Jamie’s other projects will know to expect great things.  Expect more about that in future posts!

The final A.C.E. show of 2010 will be a showcase of work by recent graduates from the region. Participating colleges will be confirmed soon. Currently everyone approached has been enthusiastic, which is exactly the response we’d been hoping for!


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