My Heart Spins on The Grill, Abstructavist Drawings and a Brand New Website!

These are exciting times at the Fishmarket.

We are very pleased to have finally finished our new website, which can be found here. Needless to say, we’re very proud of it.

We are also very proud to be hosting the first UK solo show of artist and musician Stephen Mathewson.

Originally from New England, Mathewson currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Through his site-specific paintings Mathewson has developed a surreal and heartbreaking narrative that blurs the boundary between fiction and reality.

For his show at the Fishmarket Mathewson will introduce us to a range of eccentric characters and situations.
You will meet young Charles, trying to cope with the untimely murder of Carl, his father.

You will witness the attempted kidnapping of filmmaker Dazz Konwinski, director of The Celtic Dentist!
You will encounter Cat Fischermann – comedian and actor from the old school, who having successfully faked his own death has to endure the turmoil of not legally existing!

To celebrate the opening of his exhibition Stephen Mathewson will be hosting a traditional all-American “Grill Party”, the first barbeque of the summer!

Musical entertainment will be provided by the legendary Vienna based rock outfit Brain Managerz.

Gallery Two will feature new work and a specially commissioned publication by London based artist Mark Farhall.

Farhall’s drawings are an uncanny mix of modernism, avant-garde comics referencing Buckminster Fuller & Jack “King” Kirby along the way.

Fans of the stranger end of the comic genre may already be aware of Farhall’s output that has been published alongside underground comic heroes such as; Brian Chippendale, Leif Goldberg, Fort Thunder, Paper Rad, Mat Brinkman, C.F. and Paper Rodeo.

A big part of Stephen Mathewson’s life in Vienna is running creative children’s classes at Zoom – an organisation that engages children with contemporary art through imaginative and challenging workshops.

On Saturday 10th April, 3pm – 5pm Stephen Mathewson will be offering a taster of these workshops at the Fishmarket, giving local 8-16 year olds an opportunity to take part in Mathewson’s charming and inspirational creative processes.

This will then be followed by a night of exuberant rock and roll featuring Brain Managerz and Joel Harries in support of local youth charity CYPN at the Lamplighter.

My Heart Spins on The Grill - Abstructavist Drawings


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