Comics, Televisions and Super Peanuts – Part 3.

Just because the show had opened didn’t mean that work was over!

The following afternoon Stephen and Franziska who are both employed by Zoom Children’s Museum in Vienna came into the gallery to conduct a children’s workshop.

The weather was great, a good-sized crowd turned up and everyone was eager to take part.

Stephen Mathewson addresses the crowd.

After quickly getting to know everyone, Steve talked to the children (and teenager) about himself and his art. Introductions aside the group got down to the serious business of joke cracking and comic drawing.

Silence descended as the concentration increased!

Steve, Franziska and children make comics.

As the afternoon progressed the children were encouraged to paint on larger pieces of paper. The lure of sitting around the gallery painting pictures was too much and I was compelled to join in!

After a few rounds of painting on paper, Steve upped the ante and told the children (and a teenager and a few adults by this point…) that he wanted them to paint directly onto the gallery walls and be part of his exhibition.

Painting in the gallery.

A series of television sets with blank screens had been painted on the walls of our cinema and the plan was to invite the children to paint their own T.V. show on the screen. It was great to see everybody so absorbed in their work – children and adults.

The Grown-ups.

Thank you to Steve and Franziska for an excellent day! Click on the image below to see all the finished televisions.

The fruits of our labour.


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