Show's Over

So, “My Heart Spins on The Grill” and “Abstructavist Drawings” have finally come down.I had high hopes for both and they far exceeded my expectations.

In tribute to Steve’s love of the grill party we held a barbeque in honour of him, the Brain Managerz and the Williams family for all the hard work they put in along the way.

Final Grill Party

No time to rest though. Soon after, I joined Steve in Vienna for the Soho in Ottakring festival to produce work as part of an “Informal Research Lab”. I will post more about that in the coming days.

Right now we are concentrating on our next show – “Hiker Meat” a multi media extravaganza by London-based artist Jamie Shovlin.

The installation will be a spectacular affair. It’s going to be the last show that I will be acting as “hands on” curator so I’m hoping to leave with a bang!

Hiker Meat - Jamie Shovlin


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