Final Stretch

A room full of televisions.

Here at the Fishmarket we now have access to enough electricity to power two small houses, we have more televisions than 30 average UK households combined and we have the ability to make a huge amount of noise.

Yes, the installation is going very well.While millions of Britons were out enjoying the summer sun, myself Jamie Shovlin and Lustfaust collaborator Murray Ward set about preparing the gallery for the opening next Friday. The installation is on such a grand scale that we have had to have a whole new power circuit installed in the gallery to cope with the demand.  

After much of the day up and down ladders setting up the aerial audio system there are now half a dozen speakers suspended from beams, perched on the top of walls and concealed in secret locations around the gallery. I don’t think the Fishmarket will have seen a similar audio assault since avant-garde colossus Tony Conrad performed here. 

Jamie and Murray up the scaffold.

You may remember me moaning about the snow that fell in the gallery over winter. Summer in the Fishmarket is not without seasonal anomaly. To say that it was hot would be an understatement, the Fishmarket is probably one of the largest greenhouses in the midlands. Regardless of the subtropical conditions we somehow managed to keep well on schedule!  

At the end of the day Murray produced an astonishing box of audio delights with the intention of putting the new sound system through its paces. The sound was incredible. The mixture of 60 televisions, Lustfaust performing live and  the fully immersive audio is going to be an unmissable experience.

Murray Wards box of delights


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